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Hello! On this site I make a few observations and perhaps to your eyes yammer on about me and mine. Momentum is a blog, in which I've been known to brag about my offspring and to make the occasional modest comment or proposal. MORE±

Stream of Mostly Consciousness

Rees Clark ( 7-Feb-2017 )
I've been pondering D. Trump's neckties that hang six inches below his belt. My conclusion is that he thinks he's a much taller man.

Rees Clark ( 12-Oct-2016 )
Comments by Trump supporters indicating they will be revolting if he loses the election are reminiscent of support for a similar movement of the past, spearheaded by that great national hero John Wilkes Booth.

Rees Clark ( 12-Oct-2016 )
If you have a daughter and are thinking of voting for Donald Trump, you should have the courage to tell her you are choosing him over her.

Rees Clark ( 4-Oct-2016 )
Marla Maples could go down in history as a latter day Count Claus von Stauffenberg if the 1995 tax "bombshell" is hers and turns the election.

Rees Clark ( 9-Sep-2016 )
The DJT/ISIS meme has reminded me of Richard Nixon's "secret plan to end the war in Vietnam," for which we're still waiting. Can you say "dejà vu all over again?"

Rees Clark ( 31-May-2015 )
Quote of the day: "How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?" -Satchel Paige

Rees Clark ( 23-May-2015 )
This just in: Scientists have discovered a powerful new strain of fact-resistant humans who are threatening the ability of Earth to sustain life, a sobering new study reports. LINK

Rees Clark ( 23-May-2015 )
How much fudge would a fudge judge judge if a fudge judge would judge fudge? (© 2015 R. Clark.)

Rees Clark ( 23-May-2015 )
Finished a nice three day visit from brother Doug Clark & sister in law Connie Clark from NC en route AK.

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Trump Tower Moscow Domain Continues Active
Pres. Trump has claimed that he had no pending deals in Russia after the beginning of his presidential campaign. Yet consider the Internet domain It was registered in 2008 by "The Trump Organization" and has been renewed annually including three times (2015, 2016 and 2017) since the presidential campaign of 2016 began.

If indeed the... Continues...
Toward equity, not necessarily equality
A high school friend has been commenting that proposed cost of living (COL) adjustments in pensions, social security, etc., seem to be immediately absorbed by rises in health insurance and other basic needs. Sad but true.

However, COL is meaningless without a comparison to gross domestic productivity ) per capita (GDPC). GDPC is now about $55,000/year. Of... Continues...
Depoliticize the US Supreme Court
Almost from its founding, the US Supreme Court has been subject to political stress and strain, as successive presidents have sought to create a preference for their own views of both short and long-term issues. Recently the Senate leadership has used the requirement that it consent to judicial appointments to block or to accelerate the seating of new... Continues...
One of the good guys brung his gun
From our Irony Department: (Steve) Scalise has sponsored and cosponsored legislation protecting citizens' right to keep and bear arms. In the 112th Congress, Scalise introduced H.R. 58, the Firearms Interstate Commerce Reform Act, which improves law-abiding citizens' ability to purchase firearms. The bills Scalise has recently cosponsored include National... Continues...
Thoughts on a guaranteed income
Estimated median income per household in 2017 in the US is $58,000.

The national poverty line (PL) is about $24,000; 110% is $26,400. Numbers rounded up to thousands for ease of interpretation. Of course these values vary from city to city and state to state.

E.g., 1: Given a minimum wage of $15/hr x 40 x 50, worker income is $30,000. PL - 30,000 < 0,... Continues...
Declaration Redux
Here are some complaints about government you might recognize, updated and distinguished by "Ancient" and "Modern" to reflect the idea that the more things change the more they stay the same. It appears there is little to no difference between inherited monarchy and willful usurpation of authority.

The ancient "he" was George III. We leave identification... Continues...
Marriage in the Era of the Trump Court
Now that we can look forward to “strict constructionists” on the Supreme Court genuflecting to “original intent,” I feel free to consider the prospect of remarriage after several decades. Allow me to explain.

When I was married the prospect of beating my wife seemed barbaric, and besides I never had reason or inclination to do so. But as long as we’re... Continues...

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